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It’s humbling to view the ocean swell from my terrace. Each capture is a canvas. The gorgeous taste

of salt in the air, that sense of freedom, that tug of romance, I am left reminiscing. By the bay…Life is

a breeze!

‘This is a Lifestyle experience’ beams my cousin about my abode by the beach. David is a protagonist

of sorts and exudes a style that is distinctly dress down and classy. Syncing in with the latest in

fashion comes naturally to this charming dude. CHRISTIAN FABRE, David says, is back and this

season the cuts are young, energetic, happening in varied hues and truly international. The French

flavours infused within are the works of conviction by highly talented and enthused Indian designers.

The delectable seafood platter that I tossed up was most enjoyable with the exciting knowledge

transfer from David on fashionista life-cycle. Can’t remember of a more relaxed afternoon in a long


I am used to easy dressing and my good looking cousin sheepishly confessed to taking a cue from my

dressing sense. Well… whatever…! I am one combatting more trivial battles like cleaning up my car

that has collected fine sand from being by the ocean.

In retrospection, to live by the ocean is not for a neat freak.

Romancing the Ocean…

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