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Where do I start?. For the last four decades I have seen some

great competition and advancement in the field of Fashion. Many

companies had to toil their way through to sustain and grow. One

such company, that waved through and still stands firm is ChristianFabre Textiles Pvt Ltd.

Well I’m part of the International division of this , and would

like to share my virtues experience.

I have worked at different levels in several organizations for

the past 1.5 decades, but the one here is noteworthy.

Just like any other organizations, there is a sound hierarchy in

various capacities but the way they function is unique and I’m sure

this cannot be found elsewhere.

The entire hierarchy stands with us with the loads of

experience they have to ensure the job is executed in its best possible

way, unlike other organization. This does not end here.

Our superiors, duly respect the experience that each one of us

has. Working direction is not one way. Our inputs, however junior

we may be, are valued and encouraged which helps a lot in our

working and eventually our growth. This motivates and brings in a

zeal for work.

Every individual, be it the senior most or the junior most, both

in age or at service, share great human values for each other. There is

no hierarchical discrimination in term of human values. Everyone are

approachable irrespective of the capacity or department they work

in. For example even the person who refreshes us with a cup of coffee

can meet up with our directors without a hitch.

Our office is highly sophisticated in terms of technology and

infrastructure. High-end gadgets for ultimate results are provided to

enhance work efficiency.

Like other businesses, there are ups and down, but well

supported in the right spirit. During abundance, a percentage of

profit will be shared between all the employees and at the same time

during odd scares situations, the employees understand and hold up

together. The company’s financial status is well open to all the

employees and nothing kept undisclosed.

These are the unique features that make CF to be one of it’s

kind and elevate us to be out of the ordinary. We have employees

who have been working here for more that 25 years and I with just 5

years to my credit stand one among the Junior staffs.

Having said this, you would not be surprised to know that we

have clients who have been associated with us for more that 25 years

making us one of the most successful buying agents.

With this massive experience and growing potential of the

India market, a new street wear brand CHRISTIAN FABRE has been

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