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Hug the moments- Hug life

The expanse of the patio was just the perfect setting where our discussion progressed to latest fashion trends amongst

other things. It was a compelling conversation with my dearest dad about style, colours and right fit over a coffee. Insights

from dad on elegant dressing gave me a quick overview of what the gentlemen in India wore during the 70’s. It appeared

to have been an eclectic mix of the Indian Dhoti and the dominant remnant flavours of the British Raj.

My attire of smart casuals was much appreciated by my dad. Bonding over coffee was paying off well.

I described the ‘no frills’ range of clothesline for men from CHRISTIAN FABRE. Slim, straight fit and 100% cotton T- Shirts

with graphic strokes speak of great care and precision with close attention to finishing details. They are knitted with an

aesthetic appeal for the Indian consumer.

As I left my dad waiting for his friend to join him for lunch, I felt awakened to diverse designs. There is a feeling of elation

that comes from choosing something better. Someone once said ‘style is yours to make’.

Hug the moments – Hug life

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