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If you are the sort who wants to go to a bar, have a good time and at the same time grab

some eyeballs, then you are at the right post! A man’s wardrobe should be versatile, from

totally casual i.e. beach wear, an old T-shirt for a yard work, etc. to formal -a tuxedo, or at

the very least, a sleek, dark suit and everything in between. For a night out, there’s

nothing wrong with any of these casual tweaks to your workday suit. Or for winter, some

snug-as-hell tweeds.Or a blazer and jeans, a denim jacket. Anything really, but that one

ill-fitting, worn-to-death shirt of yours. We’ve decided to give you a list of bars in India

which are a must-visit for either drinks, or a day out of work or just a quaint corner for

you to immerse yourself in a book!

The Flying Elephant(Park Hyatt,Chennai)- More a restaurant than a bar, it still belongs in

this list for the sheer beauty of its design.Its a perfect stop for a dine-out with cocktails and the

best excuse to use your finest shirts & suits!

Arbor Brewing company(Bangalore)- Located in the heart of Bangalore, Arbor offers the

freshest brew in town and great food too. Time to get your day-out t-shirts on!


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